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GMB Snap review

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GMB Snap Overview:-

Vendor:Tom Yevsikov, Firas Alameh & Alex Krulik 
Product:GMB Snap
Launch Date:2022-January-29
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front End Price:$37
Official Website:Click here
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Experience Needed:No Experience Required, Beginner Friendly
Support:Friendly and Effective Response
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended

Having a Google My Business page is a must as a company owner. Your company may be found and identified on Google Maps by consumers and prospective customers. Google My Business allows companies to exhibit their goods and services as well as connect with visitors via reviews, comments, images of their location, and more.

Potential clients who are evaluating your business’ trustworthiness may turn to testimonials from current or former clients as social proof.  The sad reality is that, according to Google My Business statistics, 56% of business owners have yet to realize the immense worth of claiming their GMB listing.

It means you’re wasting money! A non-professional is more likely to screw things up than maximize them since they lack the requisite technical knowledge and expertise.

An AI system called GMB Snap helps to improve the Google Maps rankings of local businesses by boosting their visibility. All problems with your Google My Business account may be fixed in a few clicks with this tool. Moreover, you may utilize it for several enterprises.

Once you have the technology, why not utilize it for promotion and other enterprises? GMB Snap may also help you locate and identify Google My Business listings that are “Unclaimed” or “Unoptimized.”. GMB Snap will take care of contacting these companies, explaining what they are lacking, and presenting your answer.

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  • 100 percent AI-driven software.
  • Provides a ranking for your company’s website.
  • Identifies the attack’s target.
  • Credible citations
  • High authority backlinks.
  • A map that includes videos and photographs.
  • Spintax is supported across the board.
  • Built-in article spinner.
  • Recommends adjacent places to improve rankings. 
  • Multithreaded Maps.
  • Grid of interconnected maps.
  • Notifies you when your Maps Links are pinging.


  • None.

About Creators:

Tom Yevsikov and his colleagues Firas Alameh and Alex Krulik founded GMB Snap. A seasoned marketer, Tom is responsible for the introduction of several successful products, including SendSnap, PointRank, and others.

For a while, Tom’s items have consistently been among the best-selling options. People love his items because he constantly has them in mind while designing them, and he makes sure they’re both easy to use and reasonably priced.

Let’s continue our GMB Snap Review to learn more about this item.


What Is GMB Snap?

Marketers all around the globe may use GMB Snap to find and resolve “Unclaimed” or “Un-Optimized” Google My Business Local Leads and improve their rankings on Google Maps with this marketing automation software.

In no time, the state-of-the-art algorithms will identify a listing in need of optimization. Professionally optimizing your client’s profiles will allow you to earn a lot of money. Your Google My Business listing will optimize in every way possible.

Because it’s automated, you don’t have to do a thing. It identifies potential customers, identifies their difficulties, and allows you to connect with them, resolve their problems, and increase their sales and earnings. Local businesses from any country may be found with GMB Snap.

Google Maps & My Business Optimization is a piece of cake with this STRONG TOOL. Even if you own a multi-billion-dollar global restaurant chain, local SEO is critical to the success of your organization.

A strong artificial intelligence-powered, fully-featured program that helps you enhance your clients’ Google Maps listings and help them rank higher in the three-pack is GMB Snap.

Using GMB Snap, you can be certain that your company’s Google listing information is always up to date. It contains information about how to get in touch with you, as well as images of your goods and services.

GMB Snap review


How GMB Snap Works?

Finding unclaimed businesses is difficult, but GMB Snap is doing it for you in 3 steps:

  1. Identify Clients In Need Of Service:

Any keyword or place may enter. Businesses that are in severe need of the service, and the missing data that needs to be optimized, will be identified by our program in no time.

  1. Identify Missing Optimization Data And Reach Client Quickly:

This software performs a “GMB analysis” and immediately flags any issues with a company listing.

GMB Snap Analyses:

  • Business Hours.
  • Reviews.
  • Picture Quality.
  • Business Feedback.
  • Name, Phone Number & Address.
  • Social Media links.
  • Photos.
  • Schema.

As soon as you get their contact information, it’s easy to engage with them and provide this service so they may rise in the rankings.

  1. Ai Fixes The Issue & You Collect The Payment:

The high-end capabilities of the program are used to repair your client’s company profile and improve its search engine results. While the program handles all of the work for you, all you have to do is collect the cash.

GMB Snap Features:

  • Auto-Grow And Manage Local Profiles:

Auto-capture user reviews and post them to clients GoogleMyBusiness local profiles may be ranked to get more leads.

  • Create 4 Different Types Of Local Review Plugins:

Design and completely configure modal, header, slide-in, or pop-up widgets that collect reviews and help your clients’ local profiles rank better.

  • “Rate Me” Print-Ready Cards With ‘QR Codes’:

Dreate personalized cards or flyers for consumers that include customized QR codes that link to the business’s GMB profiles.

  • Reputation Card Creation Tech:

A drag-and-drop editor with many pictures creates personalized business cards, posters, or flyers to acquire mobile local profile evaluations.

  • Developer Of Google My Business Local “Offers”:

Create product offers that display DIRECTLY on the GoogleMyBusiness page of each local customer.

  • Legacy LeadFinder:

Locate and land targeted customers in any sector for reputation management and improvement in no time.

  • Claim And Optimize GMB Listings:

Using the app, you can claim and manage your clients’ GoogleMyBusiness accounts, and optimize them to help them rank better in search results.

  • Respond To And Manage Local Reviews:

Respond quickly to any reviews placed on local profiles and assist in deleting unfavorable reviews.

  • Plus Much More:

Commercial rights, round-the-clock assistance, complete cloud-based functionality, powerful CRM, etc.

During this recent crisis, local firms are DESPERATELY pursuing reputation management and development. They will close if they do not have an excellent internet reputation, including several positive ratings on their GoogleMyBusiness accounts.

You may now establish a ‘local reputation agency’ using the GMB Snap Smart app.

  • Collect and post reviews to your clients’ local profiles.
  • Snags customers in need of reputation management.
  • Claims and administers GoogleMyBusiness.
  • Generates hot local leads in innovative ways, etc.

Not only a simple two-step software application. This software and training program has three stages. Include your “quick start” instructions in the package as well. Everything you need to start generating leads and converting them into customers came in this package, so you can get started right away.

Is there a limit to how many new leads we can generate each day? You may have as many as you want, provided they’re available on that specific day in your particular specialization and location. Running a new report every day generates new leads in various areas and locations, allowing you to expand your list of highly focused prospects.

If you use your Hero Analysis Reports to work on and follow up with prospects, one report each day is ideal. Depending on the geography and specialization, the number of prospects for each report might range from 20 to 30, all the way up to 300 or 400.

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GMB Snap OTOS And Price:

Get GMB Snap for an early bird discount pricing for a short time with these choices below. Let us take advantage of this limited-time offer before it’s too late.

Front-End: GMB Snap ($37):

With GMB Snap, you may find local businesses from all around the world. Cloud-based tool GMB Snap controls and boosts local companies’ online reputations using powerful, unique technologies. Autopilot now allows for full-scale reputation management and enhancement.

  • Coupon: gmb10 – $10 off {Early Bird Active Until 3 PM EST}
  • Coupon: GMBBundle – $50 off On Bundle Deal

OTO 1: GMB Snap Sites ($47):

So you may charge more and over-deliver for your clients. This immediate upgrade gives you access to all of our traffic features, no setup is required.

  • Google site builder that builds 100% automatic Google sites that Google likes.
  • Quality Map Backlinks
  • Reliable links to your website.
  • High-quality video connections
  • No restriction on the number of locations or interlinks.
  • Automatic Google Analytics setup for more trust.
  • Automatically submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Indexer.
  • Make sure to include any connections to your Google Sites.

OTO 2: GMB Snap Grid ($37):

The “Inner Circle” Community builds backlinks for you or your clients that last years.

A revolutionary community feature that ranks you faster by generating more backlinks from GMB Snap Grid users! Members of the community rate each other’s maps and sites.

  • An Effective Community Module Where Users Help Each Other Rank Higher
  • Get Instant High-Quality Backlinks From Other Users’ Indexing!
  • No SEO knowledge or skills are required to rank maps and websites higher.
  • With Google Maps or Sites Indexed by Others, You Rank Higher.
  • Patented Technology That Increases Indexing Probability And Speed.
  • Earn a fortune by serving customers well.

OTO 3: GMB Snap Videos ($37):

Allow Your Agency Dashboard To Automatically Offer Upsells For At LEAST TWICE THE AMOUNT OF CASH.

Marketing professionals can now rank their YouTube videos higher and get unlimited traffic in only a few minutes with a unique, ground-breaking Fully Automated YouTube Ranking Weapon.

  • An Innovative, Globally Applicable YouTube Ranking Technique.
  • 100% Automated YouTube Channel and Video Submissions.
  • A built-in image editor that generates eye-catching images.
  • Over ten different SEO signals are sent to Youtube to boost your videos’ visibility.
  • Videos on how to automate anything and everything.

OTO 4: Easy Ranker ($47):

  • Over 500 campaigns are launched in the United States each month.
  • Easily Discover Profitable Keywords With Minimal Competition.
  • Analyze Thousands Of Keywords And Discover Multiple Keywords At Once.
  • Attract Quality Visitors.
  • Licensed for commercial use.
  • One-click creation of unique, natural, and SEO-optimized content for any of your secret keywords.
  • You’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort by using this service.
  • Build UNIQUE content that Google loves.
  • If you want to rise in the rankings, give Google what they want.

OTO 6: Resellers License ($97)

GMB Listing

Why You Should Get GMB Snap?


1: Easy To Use:

Do not you hate it when you acquire something and then discover there’s going to be a steep learning curve and it’ll take many hours (or days or weeks) to figure out how to use it?

  • GMB Snap is genuinely simple to use
  • The dashboard is sleek and intuitive
  • It’s so straightforward that you’ll be able to get right into the action and start generating money right away.

2: You Can Make $500 To $1,500 This Week:

  • GMB Snap helps you identify companies that need your assistance and will pay you for it.
  • It’s ideal for beginners 
  • The training is non-commercial.

3: No Prior Experience Or Sales Skills Are Needed:

  • Businesses need and desire this, and it is in great demand.
  • No technical or Google My Business expertise required.
  • You receive everything you need to get started right away with this business in a box.

4: Just 3 Steps To Land A Paying Client:

  • AI understands the business issue.
  • AI assists you in finding and contacting the customer as quickly as possible.
  • AI takes care of the problem, and all you have to do is collect the payment.

5: You Have No Risk With The Included 180 Day Money Back Guarantee:

  • Take it today, earn some money, and determine whether it’s for you.
  • If you’re not satisfied with a purchase, you can always request a refund from the seller.
  • The reduced pricing makes this a no-brainer since you have a whole half year to make up your mind.

Because of its unique qualities, We believe this product is worth a try. Do you want to earn a lot of money but not put in any effort? That’s a little too unbelievable, isn’t it?

GMB Snap is capable of aiding your goals When you use this product, you’ll be able to tap into one of the most exciting and lucrative IM niches you’ve ever come across, and you won’t even have to make a cold call or meet face-to-face.

You’re going to create your first set of customized templates to help you attract customers, make it easier for you to close deals, and earn a lot of money.


As you can see, We’ve covered all the bases in the above GMB Snap so you can make an informed conclusion. Small companies may use this tool to improve their visibility on Google Maps for local searches.

It makes sure that your company gets to be displayed in the map listing. So that you may rise to the top of Google Maps, you need to analyze the business’s fundamental information and identify what needs fixing.